Easy Ways to Choose Plantation Shutters for your Home

There are often a lot of questions that come with installing plantation shutters, starting from whether they’re worth the investment, through to what style or feature to prioritise. In this post, we’re guiding you through everything you need to know about picking out the right design for your space, as well as what to do with your old shutters.

What kind of look should I aim for with DIY plantation shutters?

Remember that you want your space to feel like it’s naturally lit, inspiring a sense of warmth and welcoming into your home. Dull areas or those that block out too much like don’t always add the pop of colour you want in the space, so we recommend picking out a bright, white shade that adds to a contemporary feel. These styles also stand out against any contrast you have on your walls, including art of wallpaper.

What should I do with my old plantation shutters?

You don’t even have to throw out your old design if you don’t want to part ways with it. There are a few ways you can rework your existing blinds into pieces that add to the aesthetics of your space overall. For example, if one part of your home is more rustic in design, put your old shutters here and hang them as a feature piece. You can even stain or paint them to add to this kind of look or opt to keep their original colour.

Do they really block out light?

Yes, and they do it exceptionally. They give you full control over the amount of light that enters your room and can also add easy privacy as well. For those that don’t want to give up their drapes or curtains, these designs are easy to add in underneath. The drapes frame the window while the shutters block out and act as the functional element that you need. Mostly, this kind of combination is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where you’re more likely to spend time in during the evening.

Can you put shutters on glass doors?

Plantation shutters can be placed on glass sliding doors to keep heat out from the harsh sun. This is especially important in Australia where Mother Nature is known to wreak havoc in summer.

Plantation shutters can be installed on your glass doors while still maintaining access to the view in front of you, and the amount of light you let in. Overall, they’re an all-rounder for keeping tabs on how your space looks and feels, while still doing the job of blocking out excess heat, cold or light.

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