Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Summer means fun beach days, icy-cold gelatos, outdoor BBQs and dips in the pool. And with the season still in full swing, there’s plenty of sunny days outside left to enjoy. Unfortunately, with the warmer weather comes some odd days where the heat gets a little too much. To ensure you and your family keep comfortable and safe during these times, we’ve put together some easy ways for you to bring the temperature down, without hefty electricity costs.

A note about air-conditioning

Utilising cooling isn’t just about the bills that come as a result. Having your air-con on full blast during summer also affects the environment. The longer you rely on these appliances, the more greenhouse gases are released. More than ever before, it’s essential to switch to eco-friendly ways to cool down, as much as possible. The planet will thank you for it, and so will your bank account.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your home cool during the rest of summer.

Block the heat out

Did you know a well-shaded home can block 90% of the warmth stemming from the sun’s rays? Installing shading and blinds means you can stop the heat from getting inside your home in the first place, eliminating or reducing the need for cooling. Other options include:

Outdoor blinds and awnings

These window coverings reflect the heat to the environment, keeping your interiors cool. Awnings create a barrier to the rays from entering your home and don’t consume any electricity (or not much) to do so.

Blackout blinds

Increasing in popularity, these designs efficiently block the light out at all times of the day. If you’re someone who likes your bedroom dark, this is also a winning product to invest in.

Panel blinds

Simple and chic, these blinds act as a barrier to the sun’s direct heat, much like blackouts.

Plantation shutters

As secure and stylish window shutters, these designs are known to provide exceptional insulation. During winter months, these also deliver the ability to trap warmth and stop you from reaching for the heater remote.

Security screens

Windows allow more than 30% of warm air to enter your house. Installing security screens and sun films significantly reduces this figure.

Swap Your Sheets

Have you ever thought about how your linen might affect your ability to keep cool? Swap out heavy sheets and bedding for those that are more breathable and lightweight. We highly recommend products featuring buckwheat and bamboo, as these both feature pockets of air in between their design, meaning they don’t absorb your body’s heat. Another option is to invest in a cooling blanket, which helps you maintain restful sleep when the temperature rises – all without the need for an air-con or fan.

Adjust your ceiling fans

Make sure your ceiling fan is set to rotate counter clockwise. This allows the hot air to rise and the cool air to remain around you.

Get rid of old light bulbs

Light bulbs that aren’t designed for energy efficiency are generally more expensive to run and produce significantly high amounts of heat. Replacing these with energy-saving bulbs will keep your home much cooler, and your wallet far happier.

Cook outdoors

There’s a reason why BBQs are popular during the fair, old Aussie summer. Cooking on the stove traps the heat from the gas inside your kitchen, whereas BBQs disperse the warmth into the open air.

Summers in Australia can be brutal, but there are ways to navigate the season without dealing with hefty bills at the end of it. Using our tips, you’ll be able to naturally bring down the temperature of your space, without choosing more expensive options.

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