Enjoying Both Day and Night: Blinds That Give you the Best of Both Worlds

Privacy is crucial for most of us, especially in our own homes. We don’t want potential intruders peering in to see what valuables we have or for any other prying eyes watching us in the privacy of our own home for any other reason.

In saying this, we don’t want to have to shut ourselves off entirely from the world either, and we want to be able to let sunlight in for natural lighting and heat as well. That is where roller blinds come in to play, giving you the option to have complete privacy, open your home for sunlight and breezes as well. Who doesn’t like getting the best of both worlds?

Roller blinds give you privacy and versatility

They are also available in different fabrics that can allow different sunshine levels, depending on your needs. These designs can also be matched to the decor of your home as well and their sleek lines are very stylish and modern as well.

If you want to keep the light in and retain your privacy, there are roller blind options available that are semi-transparent. This will let you balance out rays the way you want to, filtering light in as you need it.

Blockout blinds are the perfect way to enjoy your own space

If you are looking to shut out the sunlight from outside totally, blockout blinds are your best option as they are made from fabric that completely seals your windows and doorways and keeps out 100 per cent of the sunshine.

This gives you complete privacy, but also provides a range of other benefits as well. These blinds are also beneficial at filtering heat and noise, so they are fantastic for shift workers (or for a good Netflix session in peace).

Then when you want to let in the sunlight, you can simply roll the blockout blinds up, including via remote control with electric options available.

You can have rollers custom-measured and installed at your residential or commercial property anywhere in Melbourne by the expert team at Jim’s Blinds. All of our franchise holders have been thoroughly trained and licenced and insured to expect the best level of service and the highest quality blinds installed at your property.

Jim’s Blinds Melbourne is available in all suburbs to install the best quality blockout and roller blinds to suit any home or commercial property. Give our team a call today on 131 546.

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