How to keep your vintage look when installing blinds

There’s a reason vintage has hit if big across global trends – be it on the runway or throughout interior design. Its timeless apparel and classical touch mean it is an accessible and stylish way to jazz up any space, and a lot of homeowners are still opting for the Victorian flair for their own homes.

So what kinds of blinds or curtains are available to homeowners who don’t want to ruin this look? Fortunately, there are many options available that will help you control the light in your home, keep unwanted insects out and help control the environment without clashing with your old-world styling.

Keep your retro look with outdoor window awnings

These are a great option because they are located outside of the home and will not intrude on the interior styling of your home.

Traditionally, people like to have vintage homes when they want a vintage look so the chances are you are living in an older style timber, Victorian-era property that can be susceptible to the elements. Outdoor window awnings a great way to protect vulnerable parts of your home from rain, sleet and hail to keep your home looking better for longer.

They will also block out the sun on hot days and come in a range of colours that will match the exterior of your property so there is no fear of ruining the vintage look.

Keep the versatility with patterned roller blinds

Roller blinds are very much in style right now because they are highly effective and offer a sleek modern look. So therein lies the problem, how will sleek modern blinds look when paired with a traditional vintage interior?

Fortunately, roller blinds can be customised with a range of different colours and patterns to suit almost any space. Try vintage patterns on your roller blinds or options that have vintage-style edgings. You get the best of both worlds, with all the benefits of modern blinds while also matching them to your vintage motif.

Be creative with curtains over blinds

Is it okay to put curtains over blinds? Yes!  Pairing the two together gives you total control of the light and airflow in your space including total blackout options. But this is also a way to introduce vintage fabrics, materials, patterns and styles to the room by using curtains. You can choose to keep your roller blinds in basic shades like black or white and bring some colour and life to your space with your curtains. There are numerous styles out there so you can be sure to find options that suit your home.

Flyscreens are still a winner

What exactly are you looking for when it comes to your window coverings? If you are not looking to control the light or airflow, just keep insects out, low-profile flyscreens are going to do the job perfectly. These also work extremely well in tandem with other window coverings including outdoor window awnings.

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