A Classic Solution for Many Homes

For a cool experience in that scorching summer heat or to simply relax in those moderate winter conditions while at your home, consider our quality stylings!

An easy way to cover your windows, our awning blinds will add character and color to your house’s façade. You can even tailor your own individual eye-catching effects to match the furnishings of your outdoor space.

Besides their aesthetic value, a key benefit of retractable awnings, for instance; is their outstanding performance against nature’s harsh elements. Tough, sturdy fabrics and fixtures retain their chic appearance and protective attributes season after season.

Therefore, if you wish to extend the longevity of your outdoor furniture while still creating a visually smart first impression, you know what to pick. Select from a range of fabrics that provide UV block out and let in light in your house by selecting one of our products.

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Why You Should Choose Awnings

  • They are great in reducing, heat, glare, and temperature on your windows. This, in turn, minimizes your interior temperature and energy costs.
  • Provides protection against UV rays. Additionally, they offer protection against damaging effects of the harsh weather on your furnishings and flooring.
  • Ideal for privacy
  • Our awnings are made from durable fabric that ensures your style retain their attractiveness and performance over time.
  • Improved curb appeal – installing our fashionable designs will brighten up your property to some extent.
  • Extended garden living space – Obviously, this is one of the most significant benefit awnings provide. They provide shade to outdoor areas such as patios and verandas into an all-weather living space. With the help of our awnings, you can create an entertainment room or extra space very easily.
  • All our retractable awnings are custom-made to the highest standards
  • Double stitch canvas
  • Water resistant and sanitized fabrics. This helps to protect against mildew, mold and increases blind life
  • An interchangeable heavy duty spring which provides smooth fabric tension with longevity and reliability
  • Automatically awnings are attached with various fixing points to guarantee safety and minimize rattling
  • Integrated Spline that ensures that the fabric does not easily slip from roller or bottom rail
  • A wide range of color and textiles

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