Using Blinds to Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Regardless of whether you live in the CBD or suburbs, apartment living is rapidly on the rise. It is becoming a much more economically viable option compared to the high cost of maintenance and upkeep of a standalone home.

Many of these new, contemporary apartments provide the perfect lifestyle for younger occupants. They are designed for convenient living, being closer to city centres, parks, public transport and restaurants (to name a few things).

But, all this being said, apartments can still have a slightly exposed to feel to them. Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment can attest to the sounds of neighbours on all sides at all time of the day and night. And the close proximity to your neighbours and the densely populated areas they are prevalent in can reduce the feeling of privacy.

So, one of the best things an apartment owner can do is install stunning blinds to ensure an element of privacy. Jim’s Flyscreens & Blinds has an extensive collection of high quality, ultra-stylish blinds that are simply perfect for installing in Melbourne apartments.

Find out why below.

Aesthetic is Key

Aesthetic is important for modern consumers. What’s more, a home is a place that should provide a sense of belonging and one where memories can be created . Jim’s Flyscreens & Blinds’ collection of blinds with their quality fabrics add an extra homely element, complementing surrounding colours and furniture.

The best part lies in choosing your design, as they create a natural flow from one room to the next and creates an illusion of enhanced space. This all works to helping apartment occupants feel less cramped.

Keep the Neighbours Out

Living in densely populated suburbs means there might always be prying eyes on the watch. For this, there is a most simple of solutions: installing quality blinds! Jim’s Flyscreens & Blinds can adorn any apartment with top quality blinds that have been custom-made to keep out the eyes of nosey neighbours.

Our extensive range of cordless, venetian, aluminium and roller blinds are a cost-effective means of keeping out any annoying, peering neighbours.

Blinds Work As A Feature

As apartment blocks are often adjacent to other apartment blocks, views can be blocked by said surrounding buildings. As a result, these windows might seem useless or futile. But with our selection of stunning, elegantly-designed blinds, you can make these viewless windows something of a feature to impress those who can’t be impressed by the lack of vista outside.

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