What can I put on my windows to keep the heat out?

More than 30% of the unwanted heat that enters our homes comes from the space’s windows. While it’s incredibly uncomfortable to experience the Aussie summer without any mode of cooling, there are ways you can block heat from escaping through your windows, ensuring the efficiency of your air-conditioner or fans isn’t going to waste.

We understand that air-cons generate high energy bills and are sometimes not feasible to use in the long-run. Not to worry – there are numerous cost-effective tips you can utilise to keep this problem at bay, and the comfortable temperature in the place.

How to block heat from coming through windows

  • Use bubble wrap

Cover your windows with bubble wrap. It may not look like the prettiest thing in the world, but trust us when we say it’s an excellent quick-fix in a crisis. The wrap essentially acts as an extra glass pane, insulating and preventing heat loss during winters. It also blocks the scorching heat from weaving its way into your space during summer.

  • Cover the inside of your windows with foil

Tape foil across the panes in your space. This pantry staple blocks heat by reflecting it to the atmosphere.

  • Invest in quality plantation shutters

Once you’re ready to invest in a quality, long-term solution, plantation shutters are a stylish, yet versatile, option for any kind of property. Providing exceptional coverage from the sun, as well as insulation during cooler months, shutters are the almighty barrier you need to prevent outside air from seeping in. As a bonus, they are also great at reducing energy costs.

  • Install security/window films

A reflective window coating that bounces the sun rays away is also a good solution instead of letting them. If you’re also after privacy, there’s an added benefit to installing these products.

  • Install blackout blinds

Unlike other window coverings, blackout blinds have a unique ability to restrict all kinds of light from entering an internal space. These are available in various textures and give a sophisticated and stylish look for your modern homes.

Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds is a trusted name across Australia, offering quality blackout blinds called ScreenAway. If you’re after a durable, long-lasting and highly efficient solution, this is the way to go.

  • Install quality awnings

Awnings are beneficial, especially when installed on south and west-facing windows. According to Energy Saver, they lower the solar heat gain by 77 % from the west-facing windows and 65 % from the south-facing ones.

To block out unwanted heat from entering your home through your windows, it is better to opt for eco-friendly and affordable options, rather than rely on air-cons. In the end, both the environment and your wallet will thank you for it. Try some of our tips to create a more sustainable, cost-effective approach to tackling the summer period!

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