How to keep your vintage look when installing blinds

There’s a reason vintage has hit if big across global trends – be it on the runway or throughout interior design. Its timeless apparel and classical touch mean it is an accessible and stylish way to jazz up any space, and a lot of homeowners are still opting for the Victorian flair for their own […]

The Perfect Blinds for Smaller Homes

There are many reasons why people opt for smaller properties. For singles and couples without children, extra room to move isn’t always necessary. Smaller homes are also a great option for older people who are looking to downsize from a property that’s now too big for their lifestyle. But just because you are living in […]

Why Cellular Shades are the Hottest Window Blinds this Winter

There are many different ways to cover your windows, with each option offering their own selling points. But when it comes to the people’s choice, cellular blinds remain the most popular for all the benefits they offer across the year, particularly for winter.

Selecting the Right Fly Screen for Your Windows

Doors and windows allow the flow of breeze and natural light into the interior spaces of your home. However, opening up your doors and windows can potentially allow a party of unwanted guests in your home: flies, mozzies, organic materials brought in by the wind, and even the view of prying neighbourly eyes. The best […]

Selecting the Right Blinds for Your Building Project

Choosing the right blinds for a large-scale build can be difficult, the different sized windows within a home or apartment block can become one of the biggest nuisances for the builder. What’s more, the top level of a multi-storey home or apartment block is more exposed to the elements. But Jim’s Flyscreens & Blinds are […]

Using Blinds to Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

Regardless of whether you live in the CBD or suburbs, apartment living is rapidly on the rise. It is becoming a much more economically viable option compared to the high cost of maintenance and upkeep of a standalone home. Many of these new, contemporary apartments provide the perfect lifestyle for younger occupants. They are designed […]

Maximise your outdoor dining this summer

The arrival of the Australian summer means an increase in outdoor dining and entertaining, but the Australian climate can be harsh (and changeable) and a little protection can go a long way in maximising your enjoyment of your outdoor area.   Shelter can bring many benefits: Extend your living space Increase the time you spend […]